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Decosoft is comprehensive tech dive calculation app developed by experienced tech divers. With many years of experience, this well-designed and easy-to-use app provides accurate calculations as well as range of additional functionalities. With Decosoft, you save time and energy when doing sport you truly love.

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Diving Features

Decosoft offers especially very handy functionalities for tech divers. However, if you are a recreational diver, you can benefit from additional features to get better dive insight.

Easy and accurate dive planning

The core of the app is BÜHLMANN ZHL-16C algorithm

Intuitive and clear design

Clean design and navigation ensures a unique user experience

Advanced dive settings

Take advantage of advanced adjustments of altitude, water salinity, descent rate, throttle switching time and other parameters


From our customers

“The Decosoft app impressed me with its clear design and intuitive controls. I plan to take a technical diving course soon and I am already trying out different variations of dives with the app and learning from it.”


AOWD certified diver

“I downloaded the Decosoft app because of the integrated MOD (Maximum Operating Depth) calculator when using Nitrox of different oxygen ratios. It saves me time. I also really like the best mixture generator for a given depth.”


Recreational scuba diver

“Preparation and planning are crucial in technical diving. Decosoft is an essential assistant for my diving that I can rely on and thanks to which I can enjoy my deep or cave dives to the fullest.”


Cave technical diver

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